About Me

When I was about 8 or 10 years old I remember seeing my father filling out his income tax forms.  I thought it looked like fun so I went to my room and made up my own income tax forms, then filled them out.  And people wonder why I became a bookkeeper when I grew up!

My life experience has covered a lot of ground and I’ve had a variety of careers including landscape labourer, painter, editor of a fiction magazine, military service, customer service representative, office clerk, executive assistant, truck driver and accounts payable clerk.  This in combination with an education that was primarily business oriented enables me to understand different businesses. 

As I said, my education has been primarily business oriented.  In secondary school I studied typing, accounting, business law and business machines.  My first college education included a one year general business program.  In 2008 I studied accounting at triOS College here in London and graduated with an honours diploma.

I am a friendly, outgoing sort of guy who likes to meet people and I’ve been known to strike up a conversation with strangers on street corners or in a line up at Tim Horton’s.  I enjoy helping people solve their problems and enjoy using my skills to help others to get things done.

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