Recover Documents

Today it finally happened.  I came upon a receipt printed on thermal paper which had faded so much it was unreadable.

However, I do know an old trick that can make such a document readable (more or less).

First of all, here's the receipt in its original state:

What you are looking at above is a scan of the document.  That's the first step in this trick:  scan the document at 600 dpi.

Next, take the image into PhotoShop (or a similar photo editing software) and use the Enhance menu, then select Auto Fix.  The software will look at the image then adjust brightness, contrast and colour to improve the image. 

After doing that to this receipt, this is what I ended up with:

I could now read the name of the business, the date of the purchase, the amount and what was purchased.

There does come a point where a document can be so faded that this trick does not work.  But if you find a receipt that is faded, certainly give this a try.

As a last note, I printed the enchanced image and stapled it to the back of the original receipt, noting the date and time it was scanned and enhanced along with my company name and contact information.

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